10 Things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a reputation of sunshine, beautiful people, and miles of beaches. While all of that may be truthful, the city also has a lot to offer a newcomer from out of town. Opting for a weekend getaway to LA or even a weeklong trip is a great way to spend time learning about old Hollywood, taking in excellent theater, or grabbing a delicious bite to eat.

1. Hollywood Walk of Fame

Generally speaking, tourists that desire to vacation in Los Angeles usually would love to learn a bit about the stars of show business. Visiting the stars along the Walk of Fame is a fun way to take photos with stars you love, and do a little sightseeing along the way.

2. Getty Museum

Stimulate your senses with the Getty Museum of visual arts. There are so many exhibits to choose from to visit, and plenty for the whole family to learn from. You can even enjoy their “Tea by the Sea”, scavenger hunts, and family friendly festivals! Tons to see here for history buffs on the World Wars and Middle Ages as well.

3. Disneyland

Disney isn’t only in Florida, there is also a smaller, quainter version of the Disney mecca located in Anaheim. Take the kids for a super fun day at Disneyland, and Universal Studios to enjoy some family time in a fast pace city like LA. Hotel accommodations locally are pretty reasonable as well, making it an easy pill to swallow when trying to create a Disney vacation for the whole family.

4. Santa Monica Pier

This landmark is well over a century old, featuring a beautiful shoreline to gaze at whilst mixing in with the locals. There is an amusement park onsite, ferris wheel, shopping, dining, and tons of things to stimulate your mind. Additionally, you can find local fishermen there mostly on weekends that have freshly caught fish you can cook up or grill for a healthy lunch.

5. Hollywood Sign

It may seem a bit corny, but just about everyone that has ever visited Los Angeles has typically ended up with a photograph of them as close to the Hollywood Sign as they could get. Take along your hiking shoes when you visit the famous sign, as you cannot get to it by car. It is built to sit atop a mountain, so hiking is your best bet to snap some pics next to it.

6. Beaches

You can’t go to Los Angeles without laying in the sun for a few hours. Check into Redondo, Manhattan, Orange County, or any South Bay Beaches to get a real feel for living in California with the beach at your back door! Lots of shopping, surfing, rollerblading, biking, and dining can be had at any of these beaches.

7. Malibu

The town of Malibu is one of the most gorgeous places in the world. The real estate isn’t cheap, but a tourist can appreciate the lifestyle there by driving up the 27 mile long coast and view all of the remarkable properties sat atop the coastal mountainside. There are very enchanting restaurants to have a romantic dinner in Malibu for the evening!

8. Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard is a lengthy 22 mile stretch in Los Angeles that twists and turns into various pop culture phenomenon’s that any tourist would die to get photos of. Drive through the UCLA campus, the Beverly Hills Hotel, Guitar Row, Bel Air west gate entry, Viper Room, The Roxy Theater, and much more. There are tons of things to do that one could spend an entire day just on Sunset Boulevard alone.

9. Venice Beach

Venice is an incredible place to visit, and was built with the idea of aiming for a western version of New York’s ‘Coney Island’. Venice Beach has an exciting boardwalk loaded with street performers, skate park, and the stunning Venice canals to cruise through in a boat. Take a gander through the Abbot Kinney shopping district as it is sure to not disappoint!

10. Rodeo Drive

Stroll down one of the most expensive shopping streets in the entire world! Rodeo drive is filled with luxurious retailers such as Cartier, Coach, Gucci, Chanel, and Versace. Parking can be tricky, so chose your shopping times wisely, and once the sun goes down there are less crowds!

Los Angeles is a monster of a city to try to conquer in just a weekend. You truly need a few days to really soak everything up and not feel overwhelmed or anxious to get to the next sight. Do your research online for all of the places you want to see and try to select a hotel within the middle of each of your destinations.

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