10 Things to do in New York City

New York City needs to be on everyone’s bucket list; it has so much to offer anyone young or old. The endless streets filled with towering buildings and locals will have your brain working on overdrive trying to soak it all in. Some even visit the busy city and get caught up trying to see everything that they don’t spend their vacation wisely and miss out. Don’t get tangled in the tourist thought process; instead make a list of which places are priorities on your agenda, and stick to the plan.

1. Times Square

You may recognize the flashy commercial area from the annual New Year’s Eve televised specials, or from MTV broadcasts; but it is truly something to experience in person. Located inside Midtown Manhattan, Times Square offers plenty of dining options and great theaters to soak up; and of course- unbelievable photo taking opportunities!

2. Central Park

Not just your average grassy knolls and park benches; Central Park is a famous for its grand appeal to the masses. Take a jog, stroll, or hike through miles of monuments, Strawberry Fields area, lake, zoo, ponds, gardens, ice skating rink, and merry go round. You could literally spend an entire day enjoying the sunshine over the glorious landscape ideal for romance and family memories.

3. Statue of Liberty

A cherished gift from France, the Statue of Liberty is a national monument for all to visit. Tourists gain entrance to it for no cost, but you do need pay a small fee for the ferry ride to see it. You can climb all around inside the statute and get some interesting views of the beautiful city.

4. Empire State Building

The 103 story towering building is fan favorite inside the Manhattan area, where you can see for miles once inside. There are several observation decks inside and a motion simulation venue to check out located on the second floor of the skyscraper. It also becomes lit up in various colored lights during different times of the year, creating a pretty sweet building to look at from your hotel room.

5. 9/11 Memorial

Following the tragic events of 9/11, New Yorkers always knew they would create something magical out of the area in which so many lives were lost in a terrorist attack on the United States in 2001. Located on Greenwich Street, the memorial sits where the two towers were previously located and features gorgeous pools, a museum, and a learning experience all American children should witness.

6. Radio City Music Hall

Tucked inside Rockefeller Center, the music hall was made for fame and talent to be bred. It seats just under 6,000 patrons at each show, and features famous Christmas spectaculars, sporting events, concerts, television show tapings, and of course, theatrical performances.

7. Coney Island

Coney Island is considered near and dear to older New Yorkers, as it was a common place they frequently visited as children. The venue is a small town amusement park filled with excellent fair foods, and small shopping stations. It is an adorable place to spend an afternoon with the little ones, and is easy to get to by bus or train.

8. Bronx Zoo

Not every zoo is worth visiting when you only have a short time in a city, but the Bronx Zoo definitely makes the list! It is considered the biggest urban zoo, and houses over 600 different species from all types of animal heritage. They have a large selection of outdoor exhibits as well, but be certain to ensure they are open during the winter months prior to visiting.

9. Little Italy

Don’t think “Jersey Shore” about stopping by this fun town, it really does host a slew of real Italian goodies inside. Years ago, Italian immigrated to the states, particularly along the East Coast of the country and made a life for themselves in NYC. To date, Little Italy provides amazing Italian food, a fun area to learn about the history of Italy, and to visit the shopping there.

10. Grand Central Station

It’s actually called “Grand Central Terminal”, but it’s been referred to as station for decades. If you’ve never hopped on a train in your life, this is the place to do it! Inside the station is a Starbucks, Oyster Bar (among other eateries), and even an Apple store.

The architecture, history, and love for a place with its own pulse is why millions of tourists visit NYC each year. It never gets boring no matter how many times you’ve been there, and with so many little neighborhoods to see, one can get swept away to what they thought was another country, or even period in time with the ambiance of those amazing areas.

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