11 Signs He’s Cheating – Most Guys Don’t Pay Attention to # 7

1- Buying new stuff.

Maybe he doesn’t buy it himself, but receives it as a gift instead. That’s an alarm bell! Just consider how much effort it usually takes to get him to buy new socks to replace his old ones that have more holes than Swiss cheese.

2- Suddenly changing his behavior.

Don’t be fooled, Hun, if he starts bringing you flowers or treats, without a reason, instead of alienating you or being angry at you like normally, this might mean he’s feeling guilty. Yeah, it’s that tricky.

3- Never answering his phone in front of you.

And even if he does answer his phone, he only mumbles: “I’ll call you later”. That’s not a reason to sneak into his phone, because that’s rude, but it is a serious reason to ask “Sweetie, who was that?” If your question takes him by surprise and he gets a bewildered look, his lost face might be self-explanatory.

4- Ending up in a lot of odd situations.

The car breaks down, a mysterious friend you’ve never heard of needs urgent help, his boss organized a funeral for their office guinea pig. Excuses depend only on his imagination. If he’s not typically so disorganized, confused, or loaded with strange excuses, you better be aware.

5- Suddenly working late.

And he never manages to explain exactly what he has been working on! Of course, if he always tries to keep his job and his private life separately, it’s not a reason to be worried. However, if his secretary suddenly blabbers that she hasn’t seen him around the office much over the past two days – DING DONG!

6- Being oddly vague about his time away from you.

“And then we went “there” and started “that”, and “that’s it”.” You know, when they talk, but never really say anything! This one is really sad because he’s so nervous he can’t even make up a lie for you. — Hey, ask yourself if you really need such a wuss for a partner?

7- Talking super sappy.

“Sweetie”, “honey”, “pumpkin”, “love”, “gummy bear” – whatever works. If he never calls you such affectionate names, but suddenly starts, he’s not being overly romantic, he’s just afraid of mixing up your name with the name of his secret love.

8- Hitting the gym – Hard!

If you’re used to his cute beer belly and you love to use it as a pillow, but it suddenly starts to fade – ring the alarm! If he normally naps on the couch and has trouble even climbing a flight of stairs, but the next minute he’s worried about fitness, eating healthy, excited to exercise every day – hummmm? Of course it could mean he just wants to look hot for you again, but it’s also likely that he’s trying to impress someone else.

9- Acting freaky between the sheets.

You’re kind of okay already with “forever missionary”, and then he starts performing some amazing stunts out of the blue? Oh boy, I gotta tell ya, it’s not the best sign. Especially if he doesn’t explicitly show you the exact video he took it from, and simply mumbles something lame about “a colleague’s advice”.

10 – Developing new habits.

When the two of you started dating, you were screaming inside in delight when you noticed he started using your favorite words, his manner of speech or movements involuntarily changed to fit your own. Oh, that beginning of romance charm, it’s so sweet! But now you’ve been together for a loooong time, and suddenly new words pop out of his mouth, new movements, he even tilts his head in a new direction when he kisses you – yikes!

11- Avoiding you.

Even if you weren’t prone to spending every living minute together, you’d definitely notice if that sweet tête-à-tête time shrinks abruptly. If before he was okay with you sitting around while he plays video games, entering the shower when he’s taking one, sharing meals together, and now he suddenly hates to share anything with you, especially his time – you better go hunting for the mistress! Your antennas definitely should hit the roof if he rushes off to the shower as soon as he gets home!!

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