Pizza and road trips seem to go hand-in-hand. Nothing fills your taste buds (and tummy) after hours of driving more than a pizza; and whether you are travelling with friends or family, it’s a food that most people can agree on when it comes to stopping for a rest.

Well, RAVE Reviews, a site that produces entertaining content stemming from analysis that is data driven, saw the connection between pizza and travel, by recently publishing “The Ultimate Pizza Road Trip Across America”. The article features the best of the best when it comes the tastiest pies across the U.S., with three major factors that were considered: Crust, Sauce, and Dough.

Travelweek reported that approximately 50 restaurants hit the list, where RAVE ranked the establishments thanks to Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Yelp online reviews (and those comments), as well as looking at food blogs to determine which pizza places should be stopped at during this interesting road trip.
As per RAVE Reviews Managing Editor Hillary Miller, mostly everyone loves pizza, and it made it easy for them to hit all the best pizzeria joints in America. She went on to note that RAVE’s hope is that individuals share their pizza road trip with friends; it’s not just about the pie, but the journey too.

While there was no top ten (or 50) list per se, as the team simply started at one end of the country (Al Forno’s in Providence, Rhode Island) and traveled across the nation, ending up in Santarpio’s Pizza in Boston, Massachusetts, visiting 48 other pizzerias in between, showcasing a wide variety pizza pies with differing flavors and presentations.

So, who is in for a good old-fashioned road trip for some yummy pizza? Time to pile into your truck, car, mini-van, or SUV and not only see the United States in a new light, but experience some tasty pizza along the way! Click here to get a view of the establishments visited to inspire you to take your own great pizza road trip adventure at some point!


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