Blind Woman With Service Dog Removed From Plane

It’s hard to believe that this could still be happening in this day and age, but it was recently reported that a blind woman and her service dog were flagged as a threat and removed from an American Airlines plane when the two made numerous requests when it came to seating.

MSN reported that Sue Martins and her see-eye dog Quan, along with hubby, were recently trying to catch a flight to Dallas from Washington, D.C., when she requested different seating to accommodate her service dog. As Martins noted, there was not sufficient room for the dog, 75 pounds and all, plus three adults.

After placing some seat request changes, Martins and the dog were told to leave the flight. A man stated, that they would have to leave the plane. When Martins questioned this, he stated that the American Airlines crew deemed them a ‘danger’ to the flight. Martins noted that this had never happened to her before.

As a result, Martins and her husband, plus dog, were forced to take a new flight, at a different airport and airline all together. American Airlines has stated that the incident is under investigation as the woman had filed three different complaints.

A spokesperson for the airline carrier stated that they take disability complaints seriously and a thorough investigation is currently underway regarding this case.

Martins has also stated that the recent situation has left her with a terrified feeling and in tears. She has also said that she has never experienced anything like this while travelling over the years.
Sadly, this isn’t the only case of its kind. In February of this year a woman was taken off a Spirit Airlines plane heading to Fort Lauderdale, Florida as a result of her cleavage. Still, the airline has refuted this claim, stating the woman was taken off the flight due to behavior.

As well, Tyrone Crawford, Dallas Cowboys’ player, was removed from an American Airlines plane headed to Canada after it was reported he called a staff member a ‘bum’ and did not move out the way when he was requested to make a carry-on bag check. Despite this, Crawford jumped on social media after the fact to state that the American Airline was still his favorite carrier.


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