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Top 11 Most Amazing Adventure Holidays

The amount of trekking, walking and exploring within any adventure holiday can vary significantly. Some holidays may include no more walking than brief bits of sightseeing on foot around towns and villages, like a Moroccan urban-desert crawl. Whether you prefer the lunar landscapes of Djibouti, sculpted volcanic mountains of Rwanda, wind-swept lakes of Ireland or the vast plains of the Mongolian steppe, action is the name of the game for the lion-hearted traveler. The best holiday adventures might include mountain trekking, underwater sightseeing, mushroom foraging or rock climbing into hidden Peruvian valleys. One way or the other, the controlled chaos of guided thrill-seeking makes for great memories and adventures of a lifetime. Regardless of your chosen pathway to fun and dynamic frolic, the following 12 destinations are sure to excite your sense of adventure and fill your memories with sights and sounds and your body with echoes and tremors of the most electrifying experiences you might ever have:


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