Bulletproof Glass Will Be Placed Around Eiffel Tower For Protection

The Eiffel Tower will be getting a little bit of a makeover in the near future. The Paris landmark will be getting a bulletproof protection glass wall to help it against potential acts of terrorism.

The walls will stand 2.5 meters high and is estimated to cost approximately $27.8 million dollars. The glass will be placed around the south and north ends of the Tower. Jean-Francois Martins, the city’s deputy mayor commented on the protection glass saying that the threat of terror stands quite high in the city and the most vulnerable sites, with the Eiffel Tower at the helm, require special measures around security. He goes on to state that the monuments metal grids on the south and north will be replaced by glass panels, which will still allow for citizens of Paris (as well as guests) to see a nice view of this world-famous monument. Martins also noted that they have three goals, which are: to improve on the look, ensure easier access, as well as provide stronger protection for staff and visitors.

MSN reported that the glass protection will offer preventative efforts when it comes to vehicles or individuals storming the Eiffel Tower, an attraction that garners over six million visitors annually.

Temporary barriers have been placed on the east and west sides of the Tower during the 2016 Euro football tourney and will have ornate fences replace them, the city’s deputy mayor also stated.
Taking these barriers away will offer a better view of the landmark for visitors who come around the globe to take in the statue’s awe and beauty. Martins also added that the city will commission architects to design the walls so that they blend in well with the river.

In 2016, sadly, 86 individuals died during an incident that saw a lorry run through pedestrians in Nice, during Bastille Day celebrations. In early February of this year, a male with machetes turned on troops who were walking outside Paris’ Louvre Museum, another huge attraction for the city. Francois Hollande, France’s President stated there was very little doubt that this incident was an act of terrorism.

While the walls may be pricey, the safety measures seem to be a good idea, considering the unstable world we live in today. Keeping the landmark, and all those who are viewing it, safe is the best idea for everyone involved.


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