Chengdu Food Diaries

Due to tempting cate coveted for Chengdu and full of yearning for the leisurely and comfortable life of Chengdu, I just so decisive decision while I have vacation: go to Chengdu. In Chengdu, the first meal, eat breakfast. Google map search, there were a “long chao shou” branch close to my place, is only a ten-minute walk. Without hesitation I went there.

Long chao shou

“Chao shou” is a special term for Sichuan people to named Hun Dun. Founded in the 1940 s, when the spring city road ‘thick flower tea houses’ Zhang Guangwu and several guys to discuss joint venture to open a chao shou shop, took the name is harmonic’ strong, also take’ in extremely good fortune, entitled ‘the long chao shou’. The main features of long chao shou are: thin skin, tender paste, delicious. chao shou’s skin using a special grade flour add a few ingredients, fine rubbing slowly kneading, rolling into a ‘thin as paper, fine as silk translucent. Meat is tender smooth, sweet and tasty. Long chao shou broth, is use a few parts of the chicken, duck and pig flesh, the fierce stew slowly simmer. Broth is white, thick, and sweet. I ordered another bowl of hot and sour chao shou. For me, I think seafood chao shou is much better because I like spicy. There are pickles in the soup, with fragrant oil, hot and sour spicy, the chao shou is delicious, and the soup is very good. However, early in the morning on an empty stomach eat this, the person with bad stomach might not take it.

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