Flights To & From Carolinas Back To Operating Mode, Post-Florence

As the Carolinas are slowly, but surely, trying to recuperate from the devastation of Hurricane Florence, there is some good news amongst all the wreckage: flights (to and from) the area are starting to slowly get back into routine and operate once again.

As per a release that was sent out at 9:30 a.m. (EST) on Monday, September 17th, over 3,700 flights and be canceled due to Florence, since last Wednesday. As the storm continues to hit the Carolinas with rain and wind, there are multiple airports in the area that are still closed, and more cancellations and delays are still coming down the pipe.

However, Travelpulse reported that the good news is as of Monday morning, only less than 200 flights were cancelled; so, numbers are slowly starting to decrease as the storm settles down and subsides.
In fact, flights to the area began once again this past Sunday, as air carriers started to depart from and to the Myrtle Beach and Charleston International airports. The same goes for North Carolina’s Fayetteville Regional Airport.

This is very good news, when it comes to relief efforts and trying to put this storm behind them; however, other airports are still struggling with the aftermath of Florence, where power outages, flooding, and other problems are still major issues when it comes to operating once again. These airports include: Wilmington International, Coastal Carolina Regional, as well as Albert J Ellis Airport. Meanwhile, North Carolina’s Raleigh-Durham International Airport and Douglas International remain to operate close to full capacity. Airlines are currently reviewing the damages suffered at some other smaller airports, as plans are set in motion to offer flights again.

Here’s hoping that everyone, airports, air carriers, plus the people in this region, are back to their feet again very soon.


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