Gramping Is The Hottest New Thing To Hit The Travel Scene

With millions of families having two full time working parents in the home, it can be tricky to schedule a vacation that suits all members on deck. Then, what if just the parents want to travel and now they require accommodations for their children for a few days? The challenges can be very expensive if you don’t have anyone local to step in, but the newest trend involves grandparents traveling all over (literally) with the little ones!

Yep, “gramping” is the biggest trend to hit the travel market according to Travel Pulse! How adorable does the word cramping sound anyway? Seems like an awesome adventure that lies ahead for families where the grandparents have the ability to travel with children. Even if they don’t live within close, physical proximation to you, many are having their parents meet them to take their children in various cities all over the globe. Of course, a few things have to work in order to have this be a successful venture:

* Are the grandparents physically and mentally able to care for your children alone for the entire trip? As many loving grandparents would suggest they they can handle this task, many just cannot for medical reasons, or even availability ones.

* What will the plan be in the event of an emergency? Travel professionals warn parents to have a solid plan in place, and to ensure that the children are traveling with documentation that shows their identity, and any medical conditions or medications they may require.

* This may seem like an obvious point, but how well do the children know their grandparents they would be traveling with? Not everyone has the luxury of having their parents nearby to help out with the grandkids, and as a result millions of kiddos have video chat relationships with their grandparents and haven’t really spent much actual time together in person. This is all totally normal, but do keep in mind that if you have a child that suffers from anxiety flying for instance, having them be on a trip with family members that don’t necessarily know them all too well could pose a few challenges.

If all of these things align for your family, then by all means set up the “gramping” adventure of all time! It’s so lovely for your children to have these memories to last them forever of when they were able to travel with their beloved grandparents.


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