Gujarati Food Cuisine

The food habit among Guajarati’s is mainly composed of vegetarian dishes and has been influenced by the Buddhists and the Jains. The common features regarding the taste of the dishes of Gujarat are the food being sweet, spicy and salty altogether and making out a very unique taste to the tongue. The flavours of every spices given to the recipe is maintained uniquely which gives the food a distinct taste. The items are then served with chutney and pickles.

The authenticated Gujarati food would be composed of Bhaat (rice), Daal (pulses), and also Rotli (breads from wheat) and Shaak (spicyly well cooked dish made from vegetables). On a regular basis the items taken by the people of Gujarat is Bhaat (rice), Daal (pulses), Rotli and Shaak (spicily well cooked dish made from vegetables) which is been added by a bit of jaggery or sugar in the dish of the vegetables which nullifies the local salty water and keeps the dish neutral.
The climatic conditions determining the food habits in the whole territory of Gujarat is based upon four parts on regional basis as Kutch, Khatiawad, North and South Gujarat.

An authentic Guajarati Thali composed of Khandvi, Farsan and Khaman Dhokla type dishes are mainly found along the northern parts of Gujarat which goes low even on the dishes being oily and spicy. The food habits along the region is respected for its traditional approach towards the food which moreover includes Puris or hot Rotli, Dal, Shaak, Doodhpak (nuts and saffron making milk sweet and tasty), Raita (cucumber cut and put in curd) served along with chutney or pickles and papad.
A dish made of yoghurt, spinach, green chillies, wheat flour with some salt and sugar known as Dhebras has been loved by the people in the regions of Khatiawad which is been presented alongside of Chhunda, which is basically some sour and sweet mango pickles, while Chikki is served as the dessert of the menu.

In Kutch the cuisine is very simple being composed of Bhaat and pulses. The common dish of the region being Khichdi and doodhpak and shirkand are mouth-watering desserts.

The dominance of green chillies is seen among the regions of Surat in Southern Gujarat where the main food items are Paunkh and Undhiyu. The usual desserts of the area are Gharis and Nankhatais.
The other popular and well appreciated dishes among the Guajarati’s are Ghevar, Halvasan, Basundi, Keri no ras, Sutarfeni and Malpuaamong desserts. While among festive seasons of Diwali the served snacks are Mathia, Cholafali, Ghooghra and Soonvali. In Farsan the items served are as Daal Dhokli, Fafda, Dhokla, Farsi Falafel, Handva, Ganthia, Kachori, Khaman, Khakhra, Khaman Dhokla, Khichu, Khandvi, Muthia, Sev Khamani.

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