Largest Indoor Theme Park In The World Opens In Dubai

Dubai is already known in the travel world for its incredible attractions. It has the tallest buildings worldwide, the largest man-made islands, and the biggest shopping malls, globally. Now it also has the bragging rights around the world’s largest indoor theme park.

IMG Worlds of Adventure recently opened in Dubai, an indoor amusement park which took about three years to develop. Opened to the public on Wednesday, August 31st the attraction cost over one billion dollars to build. CNN reported that the 1.5 million-square-foot park is said to be as large as 28 football fields and features 22 attractions and rides, 25 retail establishments, and 28 dining options. To boot, it has air conditioning – a must-need for those scorching summers that Dubai is known for.

CEO, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Lennard Otto chimed in on the theme park’s opening, stating that the goal for the park was to be an icon for Dubai and the region; noting that the largest indoor theme park worldwide seemed very fitting for the market.
Not only is the park itself breaking records, so are its attractions. Velociraptor, a ride being showcased in the new park, is also the tallest and fastest coaster within the emirates. It fires visitors out of the gates at about 60 miles/hour in less than three seconds. The coaster also has eight corkscrews and loops; and is clearly for the adventurous at heart.

If that wasn’t enough, the park features characters from Marvel, as well as the Cartoon Network; which creates an environment that is not only welcoming for people who love their coaster rides, but also for those who are younger and enjoy the fun frolic of cartoon characters. Clearly that are many differing aspects of IMG Worlds of Adventure to enjoy, for every member of the family.
But hold onto your hats – because this isn’t the only amusement park that travelers to Dubai can enjoy. As 2016 winds to a close an even bigger park is set to debut, on the outskirts of the city. Dubai Parks and Resorts, which cost over three billion to build, will have such attractions as a LegoLand, a water park, and a Bollywood-themed area.

These new Dubai amusement parks are all part of plan to increase tourism to the emirates. Analysts predict that about 18 million travelers could make

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