Make It A Cruise To Remember By Marking It With A Tattoo

You can do pretty much anything on a cruise these days: from enjoying waterpark slides, to spa treatments, pool fun, entertainment shows, and more. Therefore, it makes complete sense that a cruise line would jump on the tattoo phenomena and offer inking during a vacation.

Well, Virgin Voyages has decided to debut a first-ever tattoo studio on the cruise line’s first ship, Scarlet Lady, which is set to sail its debut voyage in 2020. The studio will be dubbed Squid Ink, and is a collaboration with World Famous Tattoo Ink, which will have on board two artists creating tattoos on passengers full-time. Both were picked by tattooing legend, Lou Rubino Jr.

It is being reported than when the Scarlet Lady heads on its first voyage, Squid Ink will also showcase a lineup of star-studded guest tattoo artists, including some celebrities and ink trendsetters within the industry. Details are still being ironed out; however, some that have already been confirmed for appearances onboard include, Jime Litwalk (illustrative specialist), Arlo DiCristina (surrealist specialist artist), as well as Sarah Miller (Ink Master star on Spike TV).

Travelweek reported that all tattoos performed at Squid Ink will be done via original vegan ink provided by World Famous Tattoo; recognized worldwide as exceeding safety guidelines when it comes to no animal testing or by-product. It is also being reported that Squid Ink will also offer permanent makeup treatments and body piercings, using Perma Blend vegan-friendly pigments.

And the tattooing news does not stop there! Virgin Voyages has noted that they are encouraging crew members to freely express themselves via tattoos, as well. Additionally, something unique to the cruise line industry, is that the brand has stated that hiring employees with visible tattoos for the ship is okay by them.

Seems like an interesting concept, and a tattoo is certainly a fun way to stamp those vacation memories in your mind (and on your body) for good, so they can permanently be a part of you forever.


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