Mom & Sick Baby Are Given First-Class Seat

A perfect holiday feel-good travel story to start off the week! A sick baby and mom were recently given a first-class seat when a kind traveler gave up the high-level perks and offered it them.

USA Today reported that an 11-month old baby girl named Lucy, and her mom Kelsey Zwick, were headed to Philadelphia from Orlando so that the preemie twin, which was flying with an oxygen machine, could receive treatment for her chronic lung illness. A flight attendant for the American Airlines plane told Kelsey that a man in first-class had requested that they get his seat, and offered up a trade.

Zwick posted the entire sweet story on Facebook, and it has been shared multiple times over. It included a picture of her happy baby girl on her lap, flying first class, with oxygen tubes in her nose and a cute bow atop her head.

The mom didn’t get the thank the passenger personally for the trade in the moment, and thanked him for his generosity on social media. She wrote that she was unable to hold back the tears and cried as she was walking up the aisle with little Lucy, feeling pure goodness all the way throughout the flight. She also thanked “Passenger AA 588 in seat 2D” not only for the first-class bump, but for noticing them and realizing that things might not always be easy for her and her family. Clearly, Zwick was quite touched by the random act of kindness that still exists in this world, but sometimes is not always extended.

As Kelsey’s post has since gone viral, she was able to connect to said passenger, and thank him in person. He in turn, thanked her for giving him a birthday to remember, noting that it was, “the best day”.

All’s well that ends well.


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