Real-Time Updates Offered On VISIT FLORIDA Post Hurricane

We all know that a natural disaster can unfortunately not only have devastating effects on communities, but their tourism numbers can be hit as well. Hurricane Michael swept through some parts of Florida recently, creating a negative impact on some areas within the state, and with tourism playing a dominant role when it comes to the economy, jobs, and industries in Florida, the state has come up with a $9 million (USD) marketing plan following the hurricane. One aspect within that strategy is a re-launch of VISIT FLORIDA website’s landing page, which has been rolled out recently to provide visitors updates in real time regarding the state.

Travelweek reported that the goal of this re-design is to continue the momentum around bookings to the state, and encourage travelers to visit. The page showcases a number of recovery information and updates on Hurricane Michael, which includes a map that is interactive with videos, webcams, photos, and a Twitter feed floating through. The page also has a new feature section that showcases a Northwest Florida blog, where visitors can filter through, city-by-city, to see new businesses that are opening, upcoming events, ‘coming soon’ messages, and other information that can help a tourist make a solid holiday decision if they decide to visit Florida.

President and CEO of VISIT FLORIDA, Ken Lawson, chimed in on the new landing page on the site by stating that their group has been working with both private and public sectors, post Hurricane Michael, to help make sure that those communities impacted can recover. He added that through this re-launch, the group is hoping to shift tourism perceptions, by allowing them to see that the state remains the number one travel destination worldwide.

For anyone looking to visit Florida, or who would like to check out the VISIT FLORIDA re-launched landing page, it is now live and can be accessed by clicking here.


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