Roasted Shrimp at Spiez, Switzerland

Got up early in the morning, looked out of the window, the whole valley was surrounding by the mist like a fairyland. I decided to change my itinerary to take a chance at the First Mountain. Taking the cable car to the top of the mountain, the weather is not bad. It was the most famous hiking rout in of the area, the green mountain with the snow on the top, the herds at the mountain side, flowers and grassed were just lovely, although the Bachasee is smaller than I expected, the beautiful views has made that up.

I went to Thun Lake in the afternoon, and the castle has closed. I just took some pictures and left.

I got down the train at Spiez, found a small restaurant on the street which was able to view all the town and the Thun Lake. It was probably a bar, served the barbecue and stuffs. There was only a waitress with poor English but gave everyone in the bar warm service. I didn’t expect too much, but it was a supprise.

What I ordered was roasted shrimp,I gave it 9 score.

There were 4 layers of the dish, the button layer was vegetable salad with great tasted sweet vinegar sauce, light but smooth and appetizing. The second last layer was tomato slices which was soaked with red sugar and rich gravy which was thicker than the salad sauce. Mainly tasted sweet and sided with vinegar sour with was just perfectly matched. The third last layer were 4 pieces of cheese, not bad. The top layer is the main course – 4 roasted shrimps. With little salt and pepper and rarely roasted, the meat of shrimped was full of jelly tasted and fresh. I was very fond of this dish, gave it my highest score on food.

The restaurant took only cash, I had to withdraw 100 CHF from my credit card. But still, it was a surprise for me to find such delicacy. The site is on the opposite of the railway station of Spiez, next to a store. It is worthy to have a try, and the price is just okay in Switzerland.

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