Shu Jiu Xiang Hot Pot

The first night, I ate a famous authentic Sichuan hot pot “Shu Jiu Xiang,” which I have always been longing for and it is also one of the ten famous hot pot brands in Chengdu.

Chengdu is famous for its spicy and hemp hot pot, so we did not order a whole spicy one, but a two-flavor hot pot. It is a funny feeling that not spicy pot is a small circle in the middle and the spicy one lies around in a circle. The hot pot was really based on spicy ones. Actually I wanted to order the hop pot like a nine-rectangle-grid, and it seems funny, but too spicy, so I missed it.

There are only seasonings for hot pot: “dry ingredient” and “oil sauce”. Oil sauce is made up of the sesame oil, while I sent pictures for dry ingredient, which is made of pepper, sesame seeds, pepper, and something I do not know. There was a bowl of garlic, and a bowl of parsley on every table when I went there. I took each of them, and I thought the oil sauce was better. The red pot was spicy enough, and if you ate the food in the pot with garlic, parsley and sesame oil, it would be much better.

Roll, spicy oil! Look at this tempting spicy soup. I thought myself was quite good at spicy food, but after eating a half of the red pot, I couldn’t stand it anymore. We two were filled with nasal mucus and tears on our faces and had to turn to the not spicy one.

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