South Carolina Town Hits “2017 Hottest Places To Visit” List!

Each and every year The New York Times (NYT) writes up a list in their publication, showcasing the hottest of the hot areas that avid travelers must visit. Known as the “hottest places to visit” list, the article runs every January, annually.

Generally, one can expect a full rung of swanky international hot spots on the list, and while this year was no different, it did have a very interesting addition. With 52 destination areas making it in the NYT article, the list showcased spots like Osaka, Japan, and Stockholm, Sweden; however, an even more interesting entry this year was a small town located in the United States of America, known as Greenville, South Carolina … and the article even stated the little town (that could) might just be the next Charleston.

If you have never heard of Greenville, MSN reported that you’re not in the minority. The quaint town is located in South Carolina’s northwest corner. Still, it is clearly creating a big buzz and even has a variety of new (and swanky) restaurants opening, by famous chefs no less, including: Husk (coming from Sean Brock) as well as a restaurant from Wolfgang Puck. And the eateries are not the only reason to visit this town, with a tremendous amount of charm: with an awe-inspiring setting of the Blue Ridge Mountains that surround the area, Greenville seems to be on the rise when it comes to ‘must-travel’ destinations. Clearly, as the NYT has taken notice.

Whether you are one who loves to take in the natural elements of what an area has to offer, dive into culinary options, try a little shopping or nightlife: it seems that Greenville might be a place you want to visit. Perhaps it would make for a perfect girl’s getaway filled with spa treatments and shopping; or maybe a romantic backdrop to celebrate an anniversary with a loved one or just for some alone time.

Hey, if the New York Times thinks it’s a ‘hottest place to visit’ in 2017 … who are we to argue?


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