Strange Sandwich Fillings

Strange how times change. Now you’ll find frozen ice packs in foil lined lunch bags, zip lock plastic bags, pudding cups or applesauce containers, yogurt bars, and cans of v8 and multi-grain bread.
In the sixties, it was brown paper bags or metal lunch boxes, waxed paper to cover your white sliced bread sandwiches, fresh fruit and fruit juice boxes, cupcakes or cookies and milk the school provided.

What kind of sandwiches did we take along? They could get pretty creative.

Spaghetti sandwiches: White sliced bread filled thickly with left over spaghetti that had been left over from the night before; the spaghetti sauce oozing from the corners.

Sugar sandwiches: Again white bread (it was the sixties, after all), layered with white sugar. Very sweet.

Chorico and tomato sandwiches: Homemade slices of bread with fried Portuguese chorico and sliced tomatoes. By the time lunch came around, the tomatoes had softened from the heat of the sausage, but boy, it was good.

Ham and Jam: Any kind of bread would do. Several slices of cold ham with various types of jam spread over it. Gave the ham a zip.

Chicken with Ketchup: Cold bbq slices of breast or leg, spread thickly with ketchup. It was always better to have a bun of some kind for this. Chicken had a bad habit of slipping out of the bread because of the ketchup. Yum!

Fried fish and egg: Fried fish fillets of cod dipped in beaten egg and then fried in a little olive oil and stuffed into a Portuguese bun. Hot, filling, and very satisfying.

Potato chip sandwich: This is an indulgence that I succumb to on occasion only. I like the crunch between the sliced bread. Any potato chip will do. I tend to use the baked ones now.

Turkey and Cranberry Sauce: Thick slices of leftover Thanksgiving turkey spread thickly with canned cranberry sauce that was leftover as well. Favorite for a late night snack. Helps you sleep.

Mash potato sandwiches: Take two slices of bread, stuff it with leftover cold mashed potatoes. That’s it. Who needs meat.

and finally, the piece de resistance!

Salad sandwiches: Stuff your favorite bread with all the leftover salad from dinner and enjoy; especially good if the vinaigrette was olive oil and vinegar. Oh, and don’t forget to include the onions. All that salad that’s been marinating through dinner in the oil and vinegar, heavenly!

I probably could go on and on. Sandwiches are a meal I especially like, but I’m getting hungry just writing this.

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