Superdollar Saves Summer Travel Plans

Currently with the U.S. dollar almost equal to that of a euro, many are busy making summer vacation plans now! According to the popular online travel company Orbitz, air flights to Paris France have decreased by 14 percent; and hotel rates have also plummeted by 10 per cent, as compared to last year. The site also lists Barcelona, London, and Rome as popular vacation destinations that now also have more affordable air flights and accommodations.

The result? The National Travel & Tourism Office states that U.S. travel has been positively impacted by the Superdollar, with a 7.2 percent international air traffic increase for Americans in January. It’s important to note, that while the U.S. dollar trend is currently high, markets can really turn at any moment. Which is why planning ahead is key when it comes to your summer vacation. The best way to capitalize on the current Superdollar momentum is locking in airfare and hotel prices now; while the getting is good.

And summer vacation planning doesn’t have to stop there. To ensure you continue the savings, the experts at Rueters recommend securing activities within your travel plans now, rather than later. Whether it is purchasing tickets to a museum, renting a boat, or prepaying admission to a theme park; organizing activities before you go on your summer vacation can ensure you get the biggest bang for your Superdollar buck. Most of activities now be paid for and booked online. Additionally, you may want to purchase travelers checks in advance, load money onto prepaid cards like the Travelex Cash Passport, or simply buy foreign currency now for your trip. Although remember: if cash gets lost or stolen before you head out on your summer vacation, there is no protection or re-reimbursement.

While we are on the topic of saving, be careful how you use credit cards while away on your summer vacation. While you may have saved a lot of money when planning the trip, some companies are known to charge $2 to $3 dollars with every $100 spent, due to foreign transaction fees. Therefore, it’s best to call your credit card before heading out on a trip and ask them about their policies when charging things abroad.

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