The World’s Most Livable City Is …

Melbourne, Australia has sat tall as the most liveable city around the globe for about seven years now, until this year, as it was dethroned by Vienna, Italy.

As part of The Economists Global Liveability Index, Vienna hit the top spot this year based on categories like healthcare, stability, infrastructure, and education. Don’t feel too bad Melbourne though, it only dropped one notch to second place.

Number two is nothing for Australia to snuff at, considering other cities within the country lingered within the top ten of the Index as well: Adelaide hit number 10, while Sydney ranked number five. Another strong country with cities showing up in the top ten of the most liveable ranking includes Canada, with three cities represented in Toronto (7th spot), Vancouver (6th), and Calgary (4th).

Japan did alright, with two cities showing up within the Index’s top ten: Tokyo tied the seventh spot (with Toronto) and Osaka hit third place.

Rounding off the top ten most liveable cities list includes, Copenhagen, in Denmark, at the ninth spot.

Unfortunately, the United States did not have city represented in the top ten, with its highest entry, Honolulu (in Hawaii), hitting the 23rd spot. The second-best in the U.S. (on the list that is) was Pittsburgh, which ranked at the 32nd spot on a worldwide spectrum. The Index was drawn from about 140 major cities worldwide.

As per the Index, Travel and Leisure reported that major cities like New York and London seem to be sabotaged by their financial success. Due to over population and crowded transit, increased crime rates, and high living costs, these cities did hit the top ten list; despite the glamor that may be attached to them.
Hitting the bottom of the most liveable cities was Bangladesh, Damascus, Dhaka, and Syria. All of them ranked badly in close to every category listed on the Index, especially infrastructure and stability. This was due to terrorism, crime, and civil war.


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