Things In Travel(South Korea) – Irresistible South Korean Cuisine

My first impression of South Korea actually was not very good, but fortunately, South Korea’s food immediately gave me a sense of comfort. Its spicy and strong food is a “poison” for Europeans, but for a person with extraordinary favor in spicy food like me, it is a regalement. I must especially mention the spicy rice cakes, the first bite of which was not special, but after about a minute, the spicy taste immediately filled the taste buds and then let you cry out “Awesome!”

South Korean food has a very fun feature in that you can eat as many pickles as you like, and every store offers different pickles. If you finish pickles, the waiters will serve you more immediately without being told.

Of course, if you want to eat barbecue in South Korea, I must to say, you have to spend a lot of money, especially beef. South Korea has not allowed importing beef from the USA, so beef is very expensive in South Korea.

Pork is also an option. We went to a barbecue restaurant where the pork was seasoned with 8 different tastes from the lightest to the strongest. Just eight pieces of pork is absolutely enough for four adults.

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