To Kennel Or Travel With Your Pet ?

Are you one of millions of animal lovers around the globe that care for their pets the same as they would for their own human kiddos? Does going out of town for work or pleasure give you anxiety just trying to think of what arrangements you need to make for your dog or cat for the time you’re away? If so, you are not alone, and the topic has some up quite a bit recently with the help social media placing more an importance on making animal care a priority.

Kenneling your pet can bring some peace of mind that at least your furry friend won’t be left home alone for hours awaiting a pet sitter to hopefully arrive. They also receive a bit of flack for not making the temporary housing arrangement very personable for animals as some facilities have more dogs and cats in a certain weeks than others. The thought of having your animals locked up in a crate doesn’t exactly sound appealing either, but what alternatives do you have?

With the success of pet sitting companies such as Wag, and Rover you can now hire someone with exactly the experience you wish to enter your home and care for your pets. They usually have options where you can also have the animal taken care of at the sitter’s residence if having a stranger in your home is an uneasy thought. It’s all about personal preference and what type of temperament your dogs/cats may have. While you may be charged a higher fee for special circumstances such as administering medicine to the animal, or having to cater to a sick pet, there are plenty of options if kenneling your pet just doesn’t seem all that appealing to you.

Much like mentioned by the Upper Michigan Source, the other spectrum of that is to simply take your pet along with you during your travels, which can be pricey, but may be ideal for you. Look into all the rules and regulations that need to be adhered to prior to booking any travel arrangements to ensure that you/your pet can fly together with ease. It’s a pretty awesome experience if you have a low key pet that would do well!


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