Top 6 Pizza Places In The United States

Pizza is by far one of the most popular foods in the United States. Pizza is an interesting food here because while it is originally from Italy, it has become widely popular United States. It even has developed differences within the United States from region to region. There is definitely a “Chicago” style pizza, a “New York” style pizza, and a “Sicilian” style pizza. Each of them are delicious and popular in their own way for their varying uses of sauce, crust, and toppings. People have come up with an unfathomable amount of different variations of the food around the United States each with their own special twist.

There are worse types of research to do than to find the best pizza in the United States. There are a multitude of different options around the country that offer some of the best pizza in the world. Some of these pizza have become tourist destinations themselves within the city. Some of the best pizza also comes from mom and pop shops around the country that may be off the beaten path but are a great discovery nonetheless. Luckily, you won’t have to drive around the United States to find your favorite pizza because we have compiled a list of our favorite 8 pizza places in the United States below.

1. Lombardi’s

Lombardi’s is a popular selection when discussing the most popular pizza places in the world. It is no stranger to top pizza lists every year. The restaurants reputation is backed by its longevity. It widely considered to be the first full time pizzeria in the United States. It must have found the perfect combination of sauce, toppings, and crust early because the restaurant has stuck around for decades to become one of the most popular pizzerias in the biggest pizza eating city in the world, New York City. Lombardi’s is a popular stop for tourists visiting the city of New York that love to eat pizza.

2. Burt’s Place

You can’t make a list of the top pizza places in the United States without mentioning Chicago style deep dish pizza. Burt’s Place in Chicago is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in Chicago that makes just that kind of pizza. One of the most interesting aspects of Burt’s Place is how they do business. It is an unwritten rule that customers must call their order ahead. The restaurant is also located in a residential neighborhood where you wouldn’t typically think you would find a pizza place. The dimly lit dining area makes the ambiance super relaxing, which is just what you want after a long day to chill out and enjoy some comfort food!

3. Pizzeria Uno

Pizzeria Uno is usually the first pizza place that people think of when they are asked about Chicago style deep dish pizza. This pizza place has some of the best deep dish pizza in the country. They also think crust pizza. The restaurant is one of the top options for Chicago residents looking to get a quick pizza lunch on the go too. They even have a whole menu dedicated to serving the lunch crowd.
These are just some of the best pizza places in the United States. Don’t be scared to do your own research to find some of your favorites. Anytime you travel to a new city it is wise to go out and get a pizza at least one night while you’re in town. You never know what you might find.

4. Pizzeria Vetri

This pizza spot located in Philadelphia PA is a local favorite. The pizza restaurant is owned by one of the most renowned Italian chefs in the country, Marco Vetri. He has taken his expertise in the art of making great Italian food and used it to focus solely on pizza in this Philly eatery. The restaurant is known to use more classic Italian meats as its toppings as opposed to Americanized sausages and pepperonis that you use see at most pizza restaurants in the United States. Pizzeria Vetri is also known to for its thick and chewy crust.

5. Del Popolo

This pizza restaurant’s most interesting attribute may be the fact that it is completely mobile. The owner of Del Popolo, Jon Darsky, has repurposed a used shipping container into a pizza restaurant that can go just about anywhere. Putting his pizza restaurant on wheels has allowed him to bring it to his customers and interact with the people in the community of San Francisco at his leisure.
Darsky is also one of the most experienced pizza makers in the city of San Francisco so you know his pies are good. Anyone visiting San Francisco should be sure to track down Del Popolo for a slice. This is especially true if you are a fan of a wood burning ovens for your pizza.

6. Via Tribunali

This pizzeria is a regional chain in the Seattle, Washington area. It was founded by Mike McConnell who also has a long history of success in the espresso markets. He makes his pizzas in the Neapolitan style. The crust is extremely fast rising. Some pizzas cook in under a minute. This means the pizza is both fast and made to order. It also has some other great non-pizza options steeped in the Italian tradition that are customer favorites as well. All of these factors have worked together to make Via Tribunali one of the most popular pizzerias in the Seattle area.

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