Walt Disney World Gets New Hotel: The Cove

Some exciting news for fans of Orlando’s Walt Disney World! The “happiest place on Earth” is growing, with a new hotel added to its list of current resorts available. Even better? The hotel will be built by Marriott International, offering the fun and frolic that Disney has to offer, combined with the unique taste, style, and hospitality that this brand is known for.

Marriott announced recently that The Cove, a new tower hotel, is slated for construction soon. The new accommodation will be located near the Fantasia Garden mini golf course, across from the Swan and Dolphin, which stands on Epcot Resorts Boulevard.

When all is said and done, The Cove will have a total of 349 rooms, placing the total number of Marriott hotel rooms at Disney (all three hotels after this one is built), at a staggering 2,600.

Travelweek recently reported that the hotel will have 14 stories, and provide a rooftop area for weddings. The Cove also boasts a restaurant with a 90-seat capacity and 50-seat lounge, walking access to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, as well as Epcot, and walking distance from the Yacht and Beach resorts, and Boardwalk. In addition, the new Disney resort will have an outdoor deck, fire pit, and pool.

What more could a Disney-goer ask for?

Regardless, the venue sounds like the perfect Disney World resort destination for either those who have been to the theme park multiple times, staying at a hotel to create new memories in and experience another side to Disney; or even those first-time goers, looking for a hotel that provides something new, and something that many might not have experienced at Disney before.
Hold off on booking this resort as of yet; The Cove is in its planning stages, and reports indicate that is should be open for business in the next 24 months or so.


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