What A Budget Airline Served A Passenger Requesting Water

Many airlines have cracked down significantly when it comes to what they serve during a flight, with very minimal freebies handed out anymore. Having said that, one would think a simple cup of water would be an accommodating request, right?

Not so much.

Just ask Gene Goh, who recently flew with Scoot Airline, a Singapore-based air carrier on November 16th. The flight experienced a delayed takeoff, and Goh asked a flight attendant for some water, but was told that a bottle of water was only available for purchase.

According to Gene’s Facebook, he was given a cup of ice instead, and then instructed to wait for it to melt.

Travelweek reported in an interesting turn of events, although not that surprising as social media can be a cruel world when it comes to the comment section, respondents to the post criticized Goh for being everything from ungrateful, to high maintenance, and also cheap.

Still, not all who perused his Facebook offered a nasty comment, one person came to his defense and even criticized all that were criticizing him, noting that a cup of water should be given free of charge, and that Goh indeed was not being cheap.

Yes, airlines have to watch every penny, and many freebies that flyers once took for granted, are now no longer available; however, Gene wasn’t requesting peanuts, or an alcoholic drink, a blanket, or specific seating arrangement.

A cup of water, especially when one is thirsty, and takeoff was delayed, should’ve been offered without any “melting” strings attached. After all, having to wait for ice to melt, especially when you are dying for a drink of water, has to be just as painful as going through customs and security at the airport. Here’s hoping that Goh made it through his flight without any other hiccups.


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